Saturday, September 8, 2012

two or more art show

Check out the new art show that just went up in the café! Here are the artist bios:
Two or More
Michael Conger is a Southern California based artist working primarily with encaustic medium and fiber arts. Shortly after receiving an art degree from Cal Poly Pomona, he found himself working as an elementary school teacher. He quickly realized teaching was a natural fit for him, and he has been at it for 15 years now. In recent years, Michael discovered encaustic (painting with beeswax) Here, he is able to combine his knowledge of collage, design, woodworking and sewing. Michael has an aesthetic for deteriorated textures, found objects, and unique paper ephemera. He strives to reclaim bits of the lives of others to retell their story or to create his own.                                              This artist can be reached at
Espie Muñoz (S.P.) creates a realm where the boundaries of reality are stretched far and wide to encompass both the beauty you see and the beauty you feel.  Espie has created art her entire life.  It was while completing a project for an advanced art class at Pasadena City College, however, that she became inspired to abandon her fashion design major to focus her energies on fine art.  Using collage as a vehicle for self-expression, Espie tells a story in each and every piece she creates.  Seeing the world with new eyes, she is an artist for those with a bold, intrepid spirit!                                      This artist can be reached at
Polo Quintero is a L.A. based artist & musician. His attraction to art was set in motion by urban and collage inspired work. He began collaborating with Espie Muñoz (Palomos Sucios) four years ago, working on mixed media projects which combined acrylic painting with paper, collage pieces, and sketching. Polo’s individual passion now lies in working with wood and learning texture techniques. Polo’s art pieces often reflect the tales of innocence he conveys through music.                                              This artist can be reached at
Edgar Montoya & Raymundo Renteria were born and raised in Los Angeles and met during Junior High.  Edgar and Raymundo have had an affinity for hand lettering and intricate design throughout their lives. They attended Trade Tech where they studied Sign Graphics under Doc Guthrie. They have since applied their talent towards professional signage, logos and even album designs. Although their friendship surpasses that of brotherhood, this is surprisingly their first (and definitely not last) collaboration.                                                                                                                       These Artists can be reached at &
Two or More is collaboration among friends who share the same passion for art and spiritual growth. The intention behind this alliance was to create a powerful message through their talents and collective consciousness. We thank you in advance for allowing us to experience ourselves as artists through this show. Enjoy!