Friday, August 17, 2012

visit to the huntington library and botanical gardens

Today, Richard, Becca (& her son Niko), Sarah, and Adela visited The Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens.  We are always looking for new ideas for our mini-farms and this is a pretty great place to find some inspiration!  If you live in Southern California we encourage you to check it out.  The only downside to the day was the 100 degree weather!  Sarah and Adela spend much of their time at Homegirl working in our mini-farms and harvesting the delicious fruits and veggies that we grow.  They loved the trip and can't wait to add more to our mini-farms!  We would also like you to notice Adela's perfectly ironed uniform.  This is the only way she will represent Homegirl in public (even during the heat.)