Friday, May 11, 2012

café vida

Tonight some of our staff went to see the Café Vida play that is put on by Cornerstone Theater Company.  The play was wonderful and the actors did such a fantastic job.  The play is based on Homegirl Café & most of the actors are from Homeboy Industries/Homegirl Café.  The seats were filled (as I hear they have been every night), and everyone was laughing or crying or both.    

This is very typical to life in the café.  Someone is always laughing and it is not uncommon that someone is crying.  Life is overwhelming.  Especially for our trainees.  Things happen in their lives that will make anyone cry, yet they all still show up to work each day to change their lives, for themselves and for their loved ones.  To move forward....with a "no matter whatness."  

Chabela is such a great character based on a very real Homegirl story and Lynette does such a good job of portraying Chabela's determination to move forward in her life.