Sunday, April 22, 2012

lo máximo centerpieces

Thank you to everyone who attended Lo Maximo yesterday.  We hope that you enjoyed our centerpiece gifts!  Here is a little snapshot of the process that the girls went through to make them.  There was a team of about 6 people who spent a couple weeks making the boxes, the large middle centerpiece, and the smaller succulent jars.   

Here is the paragraph that was read during the awards last night:
The Homegirl Sustainability Box or Centerpiece represents one of the core convictions of Homegirl Cafe: "Nothing goes to waste."  As an emblem of sustainability, the centerpieces are made out of re-purposed materials.  The bento boxes are made out of re-claimed wood as part of our effort to divert waste from landfills.  Inside each bento box are individual mason jars with succulents.  Along with Lo Maximo's delicious appetizers, Homegirls assembled these arrangements as part of their expanding social entrepreneurship.  From serving time to serving tables, and now making succulent arrangements, homegirls prove with these centerpieces that nothing ever goes to waste.