Saturday, February 25, 2012

farm to table workshop

We had a great Farm-to-Table Workshop today led by Master Gardener Milli Macen-Moore.  Adela & her beautiful daughter Clarissa courageously shared their story, which brought everyone to tears.  Milli taught everyone how easy it is to have a garden with a small amount of space, how & when to plant seeds, & of course how to love your plants so they can thrive.  We had snacks of Mango juice & Angela's Potion, & strawberries & oranges with Chef Pati's flavored salts.  We are working on a video project with Barbara Martinez-Jitner (producer/director of PBS's American Family) & she is currently training Arlene & Adela how to film so they can be a part of the production.  Arlene, our barista, had a great time filming this workshop.